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My names Walter Dorey and you’ve probably never heard of me, lol, but that’s OK.

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I’m all about exploring various ways to train and expanding capabilities while having fun training at the same time.

Looking for new ways to train?

Want the ability to train anywhere with almost anything?

Suffering from program hopping?

As an office worker and/or gym trainee, are you looking for that blue-collar, old-man, rawhide-type strength?

Stick around, cause I got ya covered!

And yes, in case you’re wondering that’s me, my own stunt double, in all the pictures.


Here are a few thoughts from others regarding my training ideas.  I am moved  to say, “Thank you for the kind words!” I couldn’t continue to learn and improve without the input of others, as we all learn from one another.

From Coach Dan John: 

“Walter Dorey is one of the finest minds in fitness, performance and conditioning that you have never heard of before today. He takes something, adds… Continue reading “Testimonials”


I believe that an individual who professes to be “fit” should be versatile,  adaptable,  multi-talented and resourceful.

Some might say such a person is athletic and has an ability to improvise, adapt and overcome.

It amazes me when someone who professes to be “fit and in-shape” gets Continue reading “About”


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