16. YJ Jeep Glove Box Install Part III

16. YJ Jeep Glove Box Install Part III

Well, in the video below I finally finish my glove box for my Jeep.

It took a while, as I was also working on another project I needed to get done.

These past three videos are long, lol, but I wanted to give some good information on this topic/project so that it may help other Jeep owners looking to tackle the same issue that I had.

Also, I include a lot of little tips, tricks and knowledge that many people just don’t know.

In my eyes, working with the hands on physical projects is all a part of training the mind and body. 

If you take an office worker and a common laborer, and both train with weights, often the laborer will have a much broader range of qualities and skills.


The laborer is exposed to much more physical and mental input from his occupation. He has developed many skills that people often are not even aware of.

The laborer will often have better tactile perception in the hands and feet, better spatial awareness and balance.  If they are an outdoor worker, he’ll generally be better able to deal with outdoor environments.

The list goes on.

Am I saying leave your office job in your air-conditioned and heated office and become a laborer?

No, I’m not, though one could  hope, lol.

The sad part of it is, many people don’t put much of a premium on labor, unless of course it’s an emergency.

Laborer’s often work for single digit hourly wages in triple digit temperatures.

Go figure.

So if you’re an office worker, don’t be afraid to tackle projects that involve physical effort.

Buy tools, learn to use them.

Open up your world outside the flow of electrons in your computer.

For around $1,200. a person can buy a complete set of hand tools to create and build wood furniture and all sorts of other wood-working projects.

For about $1,500 to $2k.  a person can set up a nice little tool-equipped area to work with metal.

Too expensive?

Well, compare it to your college education. How much of that knowledge (if you even remember what you learned) are you actually using?

Invest in tools and the ability to use them. It’s knowledge that can be used to help yourself, help family, friends and strangers.

It’s funny how someone who has never worked with tools will often complain how sore they got the first time they had to actually work with their hands and body.

You want a stronger mind and body?

Learn to use tools.

As Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) of the old TV show Home Improvement would say:

“More Power!”

Here’s the last video on the Jeep glove box, and then we’ll move on to other things: