19. Rehaping a Machete

19. Reshaping a Machete

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything. My computer was acting up and kept freezing up on me when I tried editing video.

So I had it rebuilt and also downloaded some new editing software.

For filming video I am currently using a GoPro camera. Which of course sometimes makes things look a little funky, lol. But for now it works.

GoPro Camera’s had a program called GoPro Studio which was a pretty good editing package. But, alas, they let it go by the way-side. GoPro no longer supports it and it started getting glitches and crashing whenever I tried using it.

The new GoPro editing software that replaced it is called GoPro Quik and it’s pretty much worthless except for Instagramers, lol, and I don’t do that scene.

Thus, I downloaded and have been learning new video editing software called DaVinci Resolve. It’s pretty awesome, but I have a lot to figure out. Right now I’ve learned enough to get things going again.

So, my apologies for not posting articles or video content in the last month or so.

This latest video I’ll show you how I reshaped a $20 machete I bought from the local hardware store. We’ll talk about sharpening blades, how to use cordage affixed to a handle and a few other things.

Now some might wonder “What does this have to do with physical training?”

Funny thing is, training the body and mind is a lot like reshaping a tool.

In both cases it takes some forethought, some thinking on exactly what we want to accomplish and what the end result should be.

We need a bit of imagination, the ability to project our thinking into the future and form a picture or better yet a mental video of what we want to achieve.

Then we need to consider how we are going to complete the task at hand. How do we get from here to there?

This is what or who we are right now or this is what we have to work with or this is the situation we have to deal with. How do we take this (an object, a situation or our own mind and body) and reshape it for the better?

After we figure this out, it comes down to putting the plan into action.
We can’t change anything without doing something.
So start doing.
And do the right thing.

We are what we eat, we are what we train and we are what we expose our minds to and what we think about.

So it makes sense to feed those areas carefully if we want to become a better person.

So we’ve got our plan and we’re rolling along getting things done.

However, often reality comes to play and our ability to improvise and adapt is put to the test.

This is where we need to adjust to circumstances but still reach our goal. In everything we do there are lessons to be learned that can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

A mechanic will use wrenches, sockets and pneumatic tools to accomplish a task. A wood worker may use hammers, mallets, chisels and carving tools to create a piece of art. A musician uses his instrument. That’s his tool that he manipulates to create musical expressions.

In all cases it takes tools or implements, imagination, forethought, a willingness to jump in and make mistakes and adapt and sometimes improvise  until they reach the final expression of their work.

The final work is an embodiment of the actual mental and physical work involved.

Often, people that work with their hands AND minds will tell us that, even though we consider them to be masters at their work, they are still learning by doing. Too often in todays world people dismiss working with their hands as mindless work.

Until they need help fixing something or the situation takes a turn for the worse.

In our last article we talked about delving into a subject that is being bandied about in the training world. It’s the idea that strength is like a glass and the bigger your glass (or strength) the more qualities or skills it can hold.

We’re going to jump into that topic, but not right now. Sorry for the delay on that, but we’re going to hit that topic in just a few weeks, so stay tuned.

We’re going to finish with one more video on our machete after this one. We’ll look at making a sheath for the machete and an interesting way I use paracord.

Following the next video we’ll start getting into more training oriented stuff.

Of course, I’ll always drop stuff in here and there that may be of interest to people.

I’ve found that, generally people that are concerned about health and fitness and training is usually the same people that enjoy other outdoor activities. So, from time to time I’ll touch on things outdoor-related.

Enjoy the video and hopefully I’ll see you next week:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkdrUMQxKyY