Here are a few thoughts from others regarding my training ideas.  I am moved  to say, “Thank you for the kind words!” I couldn’t continue to learn and improve without the input of others, as we all learn from one another.

From Coach Dan John: 

“Walter Dorey is one of the finest minds in fitness, performance and conditioning that you have never heard of before today. He takes something, adds… a little this and that and, before you know it, you wonder why everyone hasn’t been doing this all along.

His Bent Press book is simply brilliant. It is “right.” But, YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT…or Walter.

I have become convinced that Walter doesn’t exist.

I mention Walter in my weekly newsletter a lot. I could tell someone “I learned this from Walter and…”

The last time I said that, it occurred to me that perhaps Walter doesn’t exist. He is best and brightest of the fitness minds contained in some kind of tomahawk throwing vapor.

Why more people don’t quote him, follow him and emulate him is beyond my mortal brain. Walter’s work is based on fun, challenges and work capacity. His material relates to all of us who have ever jumped over a rock, thrown a rock or have been hit by a rock. He has insights on how to deal with all three.
Walter is a joy to read and watch. He teaches simply and basically. The material is outstanding.

Learn from Walter. Let me say this now: “You’re welcome!” —

From Henry “Hank” Ross:

“I’ve been in the Iron Game for decades now, and rarely ever see approaches that are new and exciting to me. Walter’s methodology is the exception. Using a combination of tools, Walter’s system is what I would call extreme functional training…it is of huge value to “real world” strength athletes… in fact anyone who needs “survival strength” as opposed to “gym strength”–and trust me, the two are different. Nobody knows how to build coordinated strength while building the tendons and small, neglected muscles like Walter does.”

“Hank”” continues:

“Let me begin by saying that for a long time (more than most people have been training, probably–I’m an old-timer) I’ve finished my Monday workout with what I call an “odd lift”. I try to do something out of the ordinary, unusual. This might involve just grabbing and crush lifting a wooden keg; jerking a small bale overhead; or going for a farmer’s walk with two full Jerry cans around the garden.

This is a great way to finish a workout, and I’d advise it for anyone, but recently I’ve felt a bit stale. Running out of ideas. I always seem to settle for the same old stuff, which is not what you want if you’re trying to throw something interesting, varied and realistic into the mix.

In short, this guy’s stuff contains more genuine “functional” training than I’ve read about in scores of books which feature the subject. Totally original.

I tell you what, if more trainers were able to think like this lad, there’d be twice as many REALLY strong athletes running around. (And not just “gym strong, neither.)”–

Jack Easey –CO:

“Walter…you are one of those one-off hidden geniuses of physical culture. You’re like the MacGyver of functional strength. You could probably get a killer workout with a drinking straw and a piece of spaghetti.”–

Based off a comment Walter  made on a fitness/strength forum Jack said:

“I’m not kidding when I say that this is the most exciting post I’ve ever read in any forum anywhere, ever.

In this brief post, you’ve summed up the heart of TRUE functional training. And I’m going to start working out this way right now.

In fact, it makes perfect sense! I’m fairly logical in my training; and I always wind up making things too orderly, sensible and symmetrical. This, like you say, is good for having a base to measure and program. But the end result is that I always miss the UN-symmetrical stuff that fuses everything into real-world strength. I’m going to keep working on my top CC five and to this I’m going to throw in two makeshift weekly workouts using ideas from Walter Dorey. I’m so excited about this…”–

John Strangeway:

“Walter is very knowledgeable in the fitness field and is always willing to help when you have a question by not only answering it, but giving a detailed explanation why.”–

John MC:

“I think your greatest impact is the inspiration you provide to keep getting physically better, no matter what the circumstances. No equipment, use your body weight and go outside and find something heavy to lift. Too hot, get up early to beat the heat. Have an injury, address it and figure out a way to train around it. And the list keeps going.
You are the embodiment of the “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” of physical culture.” —

Josh “Kodo” KB:

“Finding Walter’s original website was like finding a gold mine. Quality information everywhere and each article was written with such know-how and sense-of-fun that he had me immediately trying every movement and exercise. If you read Walter’s work, you will be better for it. And if you follow his advice, you will certainly be more athletic.” —