I believe that an individual who professes to be “fit” should be versatile,¬† adaptable,¬† multi-talented and resourceful.

Some might say such a person is athletic and has an ability to improvise, adapt and overcome.

It amazes me when someone who professes to be “fit and in-shape” gets injured or totally trashed and very sore, for example, from helping a friend move, digging a ditch, trying out a new sport or going canoeing for the first time.

Shouldn’t our general abilities be above that?

Shouldn’t we be able to adapt to unexpected changing circumstances in our environment?

If our general abilities aren’t up to the task of helping us fair well with the things we want to do in life or with unexpected physical challenges, maybe we need to change how we train.

Others want to be “prepared”. Whatever that means for them in their own life.

Often such a person is talking about having the ability to physically and mentally deal with whatever happens unexpectedly in an active lifestyle.

And do so with a good outcome.

Training for the expected, like a competition in Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting, requires developing skills, strengths and experience in the routine, in the expected events to be contested.

Training for the unexpected or for dealing with emerging conditions requires developing skills, strengths and experience in the ability to adapt in the moment.

This doesn’t mean routine training is obsolete. It forms the basis of any solid training program.

But if we’re looking for a more “all-rounded capability”, we also want to add in that which helps us develop plasticity.

That is, the ability to adapt to conditions as they change and at the same time still thrive.

By manipulating our training environment in a variety of ways, we can develop a deeper and broader spectrum of athletic abilities that will help us learn how to improvise, adapt and overcome when faced with challenges.

If that’s what you’re after you’ve come to the right place, so hang around!

We’ll explore a wide range of training environments and fun challenges as we develop greater Ability to Adapt.