You’ve reached the Frequently Asked Questions Pages. I will add more here as I compile questions from readers. Anyway, here are a few I thought might pop up initially:

Why am I here?

Well, I don’t know. You’re the one that came here, lol. Or maybe you’re asking why “I’m” here. I don’t know that either. However, in either case, hopefully you find something of use here on this website.┬á ­čÖé

Who are you?

I guess by that you mean me. Well, I’m nobody. Never gotten a gold medal in anything. I’ve been training for years with all kinds of implements and various conditions. Played a lot of sports and enjoyed a ton of outdoor activities.┬á Fixed myself after many injuries.

All before the www came around.

I keep going like the battery powered rabbit.

Where are the social media links?

I don’t know. They disappeared. Things like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. were removed.


They’re against my religion.


No, actually I had all those things for a while a number of years ago. What a pain trying to keep up with all of that.

I won’t get into all the things that happened when I had those things. To be sure they didn’t help my life any.

Those things kept me chained in as a spectator rather than a participant.

So rather than be a distraction to others, it was decided I would create an area of exploration and play and fun challenges.


Rather than having people constantly checking comments, etc. on various sites and getting involved in discussions that generally go nowhere, involve trolls and knot-heads and wasting everyone’s time:

It was decided the better gift to give was more time .

I’m not sure how to take that?

Me neither.

Guru’s of the internet suggest building communities.

That’s a tribe of like-minded people.

Who needs another tribe.

Your tribe should be your family. Your close friends.

And making new friends in humanity.

So why should I muddy the waters by tossing one more tribe out there, lol.

So now what do I do?

Well, read and watch the information I share.

Then, rather than discussing it with people you’ve never even met:

Go do.

By discussing, nothing happens. It’s just like another company meeting.

Instead of boring you with another company meeting, giving you the time to go do actually makes things happen.


Go do.

Experiment, train, explore and have fun with the information I am sharing.

Make it your own.

Create your own experiences with it and then you have the power to:

Decide if a particular thing is for you and good or something you don’t want to use.

In either case, in the end, you’ll have acquired knowledge and experience.

And nobody can take that away from you.