Hello world!

Welcome to Ability to Adapt! 

After thinking about an intro article, I simply decided to jump feet first into a topic. There’s enough information on the front pages to give you an idea of what you may find here as new articles are added.

So in the next post you’ll find my first article on this new site. So, please be patient and as time goes on I’ll be adding new articles here and videos on my YouTube channel, often interconnected.

And in time I will be adding in a subscription site where information not presented here will be available, for a small fee. I’ll announce when that is ready.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics here on my blog and also on my YouTube channel. Some topics may on the surface appear to be unrelated to physical training.

However, every single topic we consider will relate to our physical and mental capabilities .

We will consider things that hopefully will enable us to improve our ability to adapt, improvise and overcome whatever challenge we are facing.

But don’t worry, this isn’t some dooms-day-prep-gun-toting-survival-zombie-apocalypse-site, lol.

It’s about having fun while facing new challenges in training and developing various capabilities through that process. It’s about learning new things that can help us in everyday life, sports and recreation.

And interestingly enough, those same things can help us when unexpected challenges occur.

There’s more to training the mind and body than just bench presses or training strength or endurance.

Doing the same thing over and over will develop a skill.

But at some point the return on investment of training time diminishes to the point it has a minimal impact on further improvement of that skill.

In other words, at some point improvement of the skill is barely discernable despite continued training of the skill.

There is a point where enough is enough.

It’s been found that children learning to write letters freehand develop better skills than those  who trace an image of the letter or simply type a letter.


Because the brain is allowed to make mistakes, correct them, make more mistakes, correct them and this process is called practice. The brain is given the opportunity to fail and then through practice finally succeed.

So exposing our mind through bodily movements to new stimuli carries the mind along this same path of learning something new.

There’s a place in training for sticking with basics. And there’s a place in training for continually exposing the mind and body to new things, to variety.

The mind and body want and need both. 

Well, you get both here.






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